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Using the app
Delivering the app
After your conference
The price of the app

Using the app

For which platforms is the mobile app available?
iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone): software versions 4.3 - 7.1.
Android: software versions 2.3.3 - 4.3

How can conference visitors get the app?
Visitors can download the app for free from the iTunes App Store (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) and the Android Market (Android phone). If you are using ConPass, after downloading the app visitors can choose your conference from the Conference Market and the data will load into the app. If you have a custom app, the selected conference data will download automatically. After this step, no further internet connection is required to use the app.

Is internet access needed to run the app?
You need access to the internet to download the app to your device and to download the conference data within the app. Afterwards, the app can be used without an internet connection. Some additional functionality such as program updates and sharing via Email, Facebook and Twitter do require an internet connection.

Why is it so important that internet access is not required to run the app?
The answer to this question is simple: bandwidth and roaming fees. If you choose an app that requires internet access to run, your visitors will need to use either onsite WiFi or a mobile data connection every time they access the app. This can lead to lengthy load times within the app, slow WiFi speeds and/or high data roaming fees. All of the Conference Compass apps run without requiring an internet connection once the app and the conference data has been downloaded to the device. So your visitors can customize their program on the flight over, quickly access venue maps and retrieve their schedule anytime they want without any delays or fees.

Is it possible to update the program?
Yes, program updates are supported. Each time the app is started with a working internet connection it will automatically check to see if an update of the program is available.

In what languages is the app available?
Conference data is published in whichever language your provide the data. The default language for the menu and guides within the app is English. However, it is possible to translate these into the language of your choice, if needed. The app supports all characters, including Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

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Delivering the app

What is the delivery schedule?
Below is our standard delivery schedule. Extra customization can make the schedule longer than shown.
Begin the process: We discuss your exact requirements with respect to customization and go over the format of the data and the image requirements and agree upon a delivery schedule. We also determine the best method for publishing the app to the different app stores.
6 weeks before the conference: We receive from you all images and data according to agreed upon specifications.
5 weeks before the conference: You receive a demo version of the complete app. We follow up with you the next week to get your feedback and agree upon any changes. Once everyone is satisfied, we publish the app.
4 weeks before the conference: The iPhone/iPad app should be sent to the App Store. It typically takes 5 business days for Apple to process and approve the app and upload it to the store. Just to be sure we allow for two weeks.
2 weeks before the conference: All apps online. We recommend publishing all apps at least 2 weeks before the conference starts to give attendees the opportunity to download and personalize the app before the conference starts.

What information you need to build the app?
We need artwork for the icon of the app on the phone and the welcome screen, background images for the main menu, and a map of the venue. We also need program and abstract data, and, if available, the data about the speakers, exhibitors and general conference information.
If you have special requirements for the main menu and the icons, then additional images may be needed.

How should the data be formatted?
If you use a conference management system or other database-based system, we can in most cases export the files directly. We are already collaborating with a number of different conference management systems: Marathon, Eventure, EasyChair, Inmeetpro, Abstract Agent and PaperCept. If you are not using a database, we can send an Excel template which you can use to submit your conference data.
As for the image files, we send you a list of the exact specifications that the images should meet. This is important because there are many different phone displays and we want to ensure that your images display properly on each of them.

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After your conference

How many visitors normally use the app?
Based on our experience with previous conferences, we see a growing number of users of the app. This is logical as more people have an iPhone or Android phone. Currently the app is used by about 35% of visitors to the conference with about 75% via iPhone/iPad, 20% via Android and 5% via Blackberry.

How long is my conference app available?
Your app is available for as long as you want.

What statistics are available after the conference?
We will send you a summary of the number of downloads for each platform after the conference.

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The price of the app

How much does the app cost?
The price of the app depends on the number of presentations and exhibitors. You can use our online request form to get a quote. The price includes a number of possibilities for customization of the app. Extra customization and changes are available for an additional charge. This is always discussed upfront to avoid any surprises.
The price is deliberately not based on the number of downloads or visitors so that you know exactly what the app will cost before the conference and you can feel free to encourage conference visitors to download and use the app.

What do you consider to be a presentation?
All workshops, presentations, and sessions are counted individually. Each listing includes the speakers, authors, title, time, place and an abstract when available.

What do you consider to be an exhibitor?
In the broadest sense, an exhibitor is a company that can be found in the app and so includes both exhibitors and sponsors. We never count double companies. If a company is both an exhibitor and sponsor it counts as 1. However, if a company is in the app with two divisions then it counts as 2. Each exhibitor listing includes the name, company description, web link, logo and location on the map.

I am involved in organizing several conferences a year, can I get a discount?
Discounts for multiple conferences a year are always negotiable. Are you interested in becoming a partner? If so, please visit our Partner page for more information.

What sponsorship opportunities does the app offer?
The conference app is the perfect platform for sponsors. Many companies are looking for a new and modern way to spread their name. You can highlight your premier sponsor in the welcome screen design or include their logo on the main menu.
Conference Compass exhibitor listing options give you the tools to generate extra funds. You can mix and match the standard company listing options (logo space, url, contact details, product description, booth on floor plan, representatives list, or even pdf attachments) to create standard and premium company listings packages.
Don't forget: You can use these sponsorship opportunities as a way to get additional funds to cover the cost of the app.

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